Sa. 25.05


Unleash your inner rave warrior with with SIKOTI, DEGUZMAN, SZG and More for the celebration of Cartel Berlins fifth anniversary (Part 3)😈

Join the Madness with S.C.A.D. (Sleep Comes After Death) & Cartel Berlin on 25 May @clubmtw

🧨 One Newcomer DJ to Close the main floor, 06:30-end May 25 club MTW, SCAD X CARTEL BERLIN with Sikoti, Deguzman, SZG and more!!

How to enter?

Comment your DJ Name Below on this reel. (Must be Current Rhein Main Local.) Top 20 dj’s who has the most likes on there comment on this reel with there DJ Name will be announced in the upcoming weeks

For phase 2, the top 10 DJ’s will send a 45 minute set via google drive link to SCAD.

-Genre: Hard Techno, Harder style
-155-165 bpm,
-comment and repost to story

SCAD will announce the 4 remaining DJ’s and post a reel with each DJ’s name in the comments. Comments will be turned off. Which ever dj has the most likes next to there name will be the winner. Stay tuned for more information 🙂

Secure your place in the chaos, get your tickets today before it’s too late !