Sat. 04.05

Urban Droogs

Jan Fleck | [Wex10] | Hassan AMD | Michael Mustermann | Der Andere | Madame Blueberry

May 5th is a very special day. Our “URBAN Droogs Papa” Marcel Été proudly turns 30 years old.

30 years of happiness, bad luck, joy, anger, sadness, positive and negative experiences – 30 years of techno events, music productions, life events and, of course, 30 years with lots of crazy people.

For this we bring from Berlin the techno-granade Jan Fleck to the Main. At Inside Bookings at home, he published his first records at the age of 19. Currently his releases are on Naked Launch, DSR, Abstract Records and Brood Audio. Atmospheric, dark and energetic.

And that’s not enough! From France we fly in the launcher [Wex 10]. His productions, mostly on Odd Recordings or Sam Paganini’s label

“Jam”, speak for themselves. His tracks are played by artists like Adam Beyer, Amalie Lens or Pan Pot. Underground techno at its finest.

Celebrate the birthday of a very special person with us and together we turn the night into a day.