Sat. 16.03

Technoclub „Talla2XLC Birthday“

Johan Gielen | Jam El Mar | Talla2XLC | Ulli Brenner | Taucher | LXD & Bluefire | Eddie Pay | Andreas Kraemer | Pascal Feos | Toni Rios | Tom Wax | Dj Bazeball

When trance-god Talla celebrates his birthday, that usually means an unrestrained party until the wee hours of the morning, paired with a super musical program. In addition to the birthday boy, there are Johan Gielen, Jam El Mar, Ulli Brenner and Taucher on the main floor to hear. They take you into a world full of trance classics, by the artists who have significantly influenced and shaped the genre. But that’s not all, because on the second floor the counterpart awaits you. There, Andreas Kraemer, Pascal Feos, Toni Rios, and Tom Wax take on the musical design and promise you techno classics, which will definitely provide some goosebumps moments. Lovers and friends of electronic music should not miss this spectacle, because Talla celebrates its birthday only once a year and he does it RIGHT!