Fri. 12.07


Manuel ORF | Silvano Scarpetta | Kevin Wesp | Björn Willing | Daniel Herrmann | Eugen Kunz | Deguzman | Danki | Alex Fader | Seimen Dexter | Mad Maxx | Andrenalin | Audiodistraction | Bloodbath

Friends with darker tastes, watch out! Even in midsummer, the MEIHT team invites us for a collective dance of endurance. In the usual manner, the makers present driving techno with a good deal of thrust, well into the morning. For this, MEIHT father Björn Willing celebrates And everyone who has ever celebrated with Björn knows what this usually means: pure escalation. And what is better than a birthday at MEIHT? Well, two birthdays at MEIHT, of course. In addition, Manuel ORF with Silvano Scarpetta, Kevin Wesp and the MEIHT-Allstars are going to rock the night, and that definitely deserves to be experienced!