Sat. 09.11


Roentgen Limiter | Timo Mandl | Kevin Wesp | Marvin Erbe | Champas | Björn Willing | Synthethik

After the MEIHT is before the MEIHT, as avowed fans already know. Because the last party has made for a lot of smiling faces on the dance floor. But why indulge in the past if you can relive the same experience? Because on the 9th of November you can strain your dance shoes to DJs like Roentgen Limiter, Timo Mandl, and others.

Roentgen Limiter comes to Frankfurt for the first time in his career! The young man from Spain should be familiar to anyone who has anything to do with electronic music! With many bomb releases in a row, and all in the Top 20 Beatport Charts, he makes it seem like it was easy!

We also celebrate the album release of our Marvin Erbe! He has been sitting on his pants for a long time producing a top class album! We can expect to hear the whole thing that night. In addition we provided for energetic support from Swabia -> Timo Mandl