Sat. 09.03


Mike Väth | Bretthit | Phunk D | Silvano Scarpetta | Kevin Wesp b2b Björn Willing | Daniel Herrmann | Danki | SND & RTRN | Audiodistraction | H.N.O

Lovers of dark and raw techno should not miss the MEIHT in March. In addition to the well-known DJs like Björn Willing, Kevin Wesp or Daniel Herrmann, there are four other artists who promise a perfect musical entertainment. In the MEIHT manner. Look forward to Frankfurt veteran Mike Väth, who blows through our beloved system with Brett Hit, Phunk D, and Silvano Scarpetta. Together, the protagonists contest the night until tomorrow and present you rock-hard techno on two floors, because this is the only way to do it proper! Come by, dance and feel the bass right down to your bone marrow. Fans should not be disappointed and newbies can expect a dance experience of a different kind!