Sat. 02.03


Regal | ThomasP.Heckmann | HassanAMD&DerAndere | E-Perplex | JayLaze | Bullman & Schuth | WastedWaves | andRal

Attention friends: we turn our alarm sirens to red and arm ourselves for a brute night full of acid techno and are looking forward, among others, to some of its pioneers: Thomas P. Heckmann, as well as Regal from Spain. If these two names do not mean anything, they either rely on soft and cuddly techno, or they just are not on our planet. Because as we all know, the two figureheads for ACID-Techno promise a concentrated load of Techno-Power. Look forward to cutting bass and brute beats, in the tradition of the classic Roland sound machines and with a lot of distortion on the speakers. Pack your sneakers and get ready for a sweaty night, because this special edition has it all. Promised!