Sat. 09.02

Lost “Four Year Celebration”

Johannes Heil | Mikael Jonasson | Hassan AMD | Massoud Spieth | Der Andere | Apo Hypnoticz | E-Perplex | Yones | Rotarc

What lasts long will finally be LOST again!
We look forward to celebrating our fourth year together with you and to reach new borders and horizons. What started 4 years ago is developing into the traditional techno party in Offenbach, which stands for driving bass and impressive lighting technology. In our fourth year, we have promised ourselves to kidnap you in a very special science fiction world! Our birthday is also the prelude to the new year and therefore we are pleased twice that we could commit techno veteran Johannes Heil, as well as Mikael Jonasson for this special occasion!

What would be today’s techno without groundbreaking productions like “Paranoid Dancer” “Djunglebook” or the album “Reality to MIDI” by Johannes Heil? Definitely a few classics poorer! For more than two decades, the Bad Nauheim producer has been captivating with exceptional productions that have influenced generations of ravers, producers, and DJs. Emotional melodies meet oppressive bass and carry the listener into a unique soundscape. But what was good then does not necessarily have to be good today. However, this does not apply to Johannes, because with his new imprint “Exile” he presents modern techno, but remains true to his roots and success proves him right. His E.Ps run on permanent rotation and sets dance floors in ecstasy worldwide. Whether in the club or at festivals, Heils tunes are a sure guarantee for a weird party mood, but in the best of ways! As support he gets label mate Mikael Jonasson. The Swedish DJ and producer is also a member of the EXILE community and stands for driving techno and goose bumps guaranteed. We welcome you to a feast of sounds! So, open your eyes and throw on your sneakers, this night is going on and you should join us and let yourself go!

Let’s get LOST!