Sat. 15.06

Licht im Wasser

Timmo | Akki | E-Perplex | Dirk Busch | Kim (DE)

When the Main reflects the moonlight, it is said again in Offenbach that the girls and boys of light in the water pursue their favorite pastime: casual parties are held in their adopted home town of Offenbach.
For this episode, it’s on the MTW floor and with three hammer arguments, not to miss this party:

1. Look forward to the exceptional DJ and producer, Timmo. The extra for this night from Sofia with his brand new tracks in the luggage, and the dance floor in ecstasy.
2. Local hero and well known far beyond our borders, fans can look forward to Akki!

3. Unfortunately, only in third place, but actually the reason why we can celebrate this night: E- Perplex celebrates his birthday and makes it really crack!

If these three arguments are not enough, you may of course enjoy a fair entry price and a sound system that will be remembered for a long time!