Sat. 02.11


MIDIRIDE | Schrittmacher | Stefan Ludley |Zyrus 7 | MICO X | Shamandiii | Krasstaman | Kos:mo

The fall edition of Dreamscape will be an absolute must for all Dreamers. Midiride from Stuttgart will give us a really good live act with their unique sound. We are especially looking forward to our decorator for the Main Stage, none other than Neil Gibson from Belgium. He is THE Psychedelic Artist of the present and will lead us into other dimensions with his hand painted artworks.

In addition to our residents Zyrus Seven and Stefan Ludley, we are looking forward to the opening set by Schrittmacher (IONO) and a brilliant closing set by Mico X. In the Chill Lounge, we will deploy a lot of young new artists, who will set down their roots into the Dreamscape event series. Shamandiii, Krastaman, Kos:mo and Mind Sweeper are, so to speak, all of Dreamscape’s own family, which makes us very proud to have them with us at this point.