Sat. 14.09

7 Years MEIHT

Lukas Freudenberger | Unmensch | Kevin Witt | Kevin Wesp | Daniel Herrmann | Bjoern Willing | Danki | Alex Fader | AudioDistraction | MAD MAXX

Hard to believe that the MEIHT starts its 7th year and they bring the bang that day in the best MEIHT manner. Because it is a birthday to celebrate and not just any, but the birthday of the “Mir egal ich höre Techno (I do not care I hear Techno)” faction. In a nutshell: stick-hard beats with dark and industrial character, as well as non-stop thunder from night to morning. Not only the MEIHT- father “Björn Willing”, who represents excellent dark techno, but also Lukas Freudenberger, who can definitely count as a MEIHT-friend, as well as Unmensch, who perfectly fits into the scheme with his sound. But what would the MEIHT be without its local foundation, the resident DJs? Probably a few facets poorer, so you go Kevin Witt, Kevin Wesp, Daniel Herrmann, and Danki and Alex Fader, what a real dark techno club has to look like!