Sat. 08.12

34 Years Technoclub

Talla2XLC | DJ Dag | Ulli Brenner | Andy Düx

A congrats is in order for Talla and doubly so for Technoclub, whose 34-year anniversary is being celebrated in December! 34 years is an impressive number for the fast-paced events industry. Most organizers who make 10 years may definitely be proud of themselves. However, anyone who has been continuously present for 34 years has decisively shaped the club culture as well as the electronic music scene, and Talla and his cronies are definitely on the ball. Reason enough for the patron to invite his old companions: DJ Dag, Ulli Brenner and Andy Düx and celebrate the 34th duly.

Look forward to Technoclassics and a unique journey through time of artists who formed and shaped this scene. Congratulations to Technoclub and Talla2XLC!