Sat. 18.02

2 Years Lost

Joel Mull | Nima Khan | Frank Savio | Hassan AMD | Dominik Musiolik live | Marcel Ete | Robin Muhn | expanse| Lars Boehmer | Massoud Spieth

When darkness strikes light, synergies emerge and an atmosphere is created that brings emotions to the foreground. With every beat of the bassdrum, the body moves to the music, and with each stroke of your eyelids comes a new perspective. Rejoice in a journey full of joy and acceptance, full of love and freedom.

Hypnotic techno music awaits you at the 2 years Lost Party. With Mastermind Joel Mull, we have brought one of the most gifted puppeteers to Offenbach, who has earned a respectable reputation in the techno scene for more than two decades, playing in the most popular clubs in the world. Swedish colleague Nima Khak, who has been attracting considerable attention with impressive productions for quite some time, supports Joel.

And not only have we cared for your ears, but also for your eyes. Mainhattan Laser presents a new laser installation which is not on the ceiling, but on the ground, right in the middle and Radames Eger shows us his latest collection on the Lost, close up and set in scene!